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Once we, as well, knew God only from rumors – we were prejudiced and “anti-” or indifferent. Each of us has a different story and different path (we will be happy to share it if you ask). Jesus connects us, He is the One who in different moments and ways appeared in the life of each one of us.

We believe in God and we believe God, because we know Him from experience. We overcome obstacles, take challenges, learn from mistakes – we simply live. We know that a “happy ending” awaits us, because Jesus is with us. Our mission and dream is that everyone could know Jesus personally and experience that HE IS.

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First of all, relationship with Jesus. The presence of God impacts every aspect of life – our decisions, relationships with others, perspective. If it hadn’t been for Jesus, ECHO church would not exist and people who formed it would probably not know each other. He is the ONE who gives us vision and makes life fascinating.

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We want to save people’s lives. There is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. Jesus did not have to do anything, but instead He did everything to save us. It motivates us to share this love with the world, so that they can saved and not live an eternity in separation from the source of life.

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Why should the church be boring and old-fashioned? After all, God is the source of everything that is good and perfect, in which we can have joy and delight. False beliefs keep people away from God. We want to change the image of God, Jesus and the Church.

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We want the Biblical truths to be presented in a clear and practical way – to be applied in a contemporary everyday life. The form does not affect the content of the Gospel, but it helps to ensure that its message is adequately referring to our reality. This affects authenticity, which is an important value for us.

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We believe God and His Word. Sometimes against circumstances. Faith, perseverance, and trust allow us to get to the place where hope and vision become a reality.

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All along the line – in commitment, in kindness, in forgiveness, in doing our best. Jesus said we have no need to worry about anything because He knows what we need. We trust Him and we do not lack anything.

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We want creativity to be present in every aspect. We inherited innovativeness and ingenuity from God. Divine creativity impresses us and inspires us.

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Out of love for God and for people, in everything that we do, we focus on quality and strive for perfection. We believe that quality respects people.


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