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Support us


We do church because it is a great joy when people are born again and their life is filled with supernatural peace, love, and power. Nothing will enrich you more than experiencing heaven on Earth.

Everything we do we want to do with the highest quality. If you want to, you can have your share and give your money for renting a bigger place, because in the current one we are lacking chairs.

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Every Sunday we collect money for OUR HOME and its functioning. You can give as much as you want – you can pay by cash or card – we have payment terminal!

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I want to pay in 25 PLN – CLICK
I want to pay in 50 PLN – CLICK
I want to pay in 100 PLN – CLICK
I want to pay in 200 PLN – CLICK
I want to pay in 300 PLN – CLICK
I want to pay in 500 PLN – CLICK
I want to pay in 1000 PLN – CLICK

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If you want to support us with a traditional bank transfer, use the details given below:

Kościół Zielonoświątkowy ECHO
58 1090 1098 0000 0001 3493 5522

SWIFT Santander Consumer Bank: SCFBPLPWXXX
IBAN Santander Consumer Bank: PL58 1090 1098 0000 0001 3493 5522

with footnote: Darowizna na cele kultu religijnego

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