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Man of the house

Daniel opened his coffee shop to be close with people. He makes great coffee and always serves it with a kind word and hearty smile. He loves and doesn’t judge. He knows how God cares about every person. With passion he shows God’s mercy and love – which change everything – and truth, which brings genuine freedom.

He sees in people what’s best in them, he cheers them and motivates them to be the best version of themselves.

Whatever he does, he gives 100%. He aims high, dreams boldly – he knows that there is always more in God.

The best mom

Mirela loves people and takes care of them comprehensively – as a doctor and as a pastor.

She connects being a mom, wife, doctor, pastor, friend, putting in each of those roles a lot of heart, joy, and fire.

She shows with passion how the truths and stories in the Bible can realistically relate to our life here and now. She talks with honesty about how to live in a wise and beautiful way. She truly relishes the successes and victories of other people.

She looks into the future with enthusiasm and optimism, because she knows that there is nothing impossible with God.