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Alpha is a series of ten sessions exploring the Christian faith.

First up there’s food, then we watch a movie about faith, Jesus, Bible, prayer and then we talk in small groups. Alpha gives you a special space, where you can ask any question, give your opinion and listen to what other people may have to say and what they’ve experienced.

If you like heated debate, join us! If you prefer to observe and don’t feel like sharing, join us! For many people, Alpha has become the beginning of a fascinating, life adventure. Maybe yours will start during the next edition…

How did you found out about ALPHA and why you decided to sign up?

Karolina: My brother, who lives in Warsaw, told me about Alpha. He kept telling me to sign up, told me amazing things about ALPHA and he was really happy about going there. Out of curiosity and desire to meet new people I’ve decided to sign up.

Karolina – participant of the first edition of ALPHA in ECHO Church